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We are specialists in the field of portable appliance testing and provide a reliable, professional service to companies, schools, educational institutions, landlords, letting agents and many other types of organisations.

We are a City & Guilds Approved Training Centre and teach the 2377 "Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment" (Portable Appliance Course)

Here is the algorithm of a typical test

  1. With permission, switch off computer.
  2. Remove plug top from socket.
  3. Remove plug top and if not moulded, check it is correctly terminated, terminals. are tight, and the fuse correctly selected. Replace fuse as necessary.
  4. Remove fuse for moulded plugs and check it is correctly selected.
  5. Check entire length of cable to ensure integrity. This could necessitate moving furniture.
  6. Visually inspect appliance.
  7. Plug appliance into test instrument and carry out the sequential test that apply to the particular portable appliance.
  8. Replace everything and power up to ensure all is working.
  9. Record results of tests on item of portable appliance into the software.
  10. Remove old label and apply new label to equipment.

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